Looking for upholstery cleaners in Port Lincoln?

Do you know how many millions of dust mites and germs or how much dirt could be lurking in your house or office? Your carpet and furniture aren't clean until they've been professionally cleaned. Our carpet and upholstery cleaners in Port Lincoln offer a range of services, to make sure that your carpets, furniture and upholstery are spotless.

Carpet and flooring

A clean environment is a more comfortable one. Most dirt and dust mites are found in carpets and can cause nasty allergies and health problems. Our experienced cleaning specialists use the latest equipment to remove residue, stains and dirt. Regularly using our service can improve the air quality of your home and office and can actually keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner, for longer.

Furniture and restoration

Our trained carpet and upholstery cleaners in Port Lincoln ensure that every spot is cleaned, even hard to reach places and intricate grooves on your furniture. We deal with a variety of materials, including leather, wood and also provide upholstery cleaners. Special care goes into restoring your furniture back to its original state.

Outstanding customer service

Our team of cleaning specialists are qualified and knowledgeable in their fields. They know how to handle delicate fibres and how to really get tough stains out. A professional cleaning service is a valuable investment to refresh and renew the look and feel of your home or office environment.

Give us a call today and speak with one of our friendly staff. We can take you through our services and advise on a personalised plan according to your requirements and budget. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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